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Registration Procedure

The completed Registration Form together with the appropriate Registration Fee should be handed in to the school office after the initial interview with the Administrator. The Registration Procedure is the formal application for a place at Rainbow Connection, but in itself does not constitute acceptance of a child into the school. The registration fee is not refundable.

Withdrawal Notice

A full term's notice in writing is required for the withdrawal of a child from the school. In the absence of such notice the school reserves the right to charge one term's fees in lieu.

Emergency Procedure

In the event of emergency, where a child requires immediate treatment, attempts will be made to contact parents. However, the school retains the right to take immediate action in the interest of the child. Any medical costs incurred are the responsibility of the parent or guardian

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[Historical Background]
Formation, the Founder of the School, and the Year of its Inception.

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[Facilities Provided]
These include Computer Skills, Physical Education etc.

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[Extra Curriculum Activities]
Once in a Term Outings for the Children is Organized to Museum, Supermarket, Nature Trail etc.

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[School Timetables]
The Calendar of the Academic Year
2003-2004 is Available and Which You May Download from Here.
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  [School  Philosophy]
Shaping the Child in a Way that Assists the Natural Development of His Personality

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  [School  Image and Curriculum]
The Image of Our School is Developed by Our Staff Who Understand the Aim and Objectives of the School. 

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  [Montessori Education]
Parents Guide to Montessori. This includes Mathematic, Language, Cultural, Practical Life and Sensorial.

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