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Facilities Provided

  1. Environment: Friendly multicultural, secure and
    challenging environment.
  2. Physical Education: Well-equipped playground for fun, exercises & sports activities.
  3. Swimming: Swimming under a qualified swimming instructor.
    Jumping castle, paddling pool & water play.
  4. Classroom: All classrooms are spacious and well equipped.
  5. Library: Consisting of educational books, puppets & resources.
  6. Computers: Computer lessons taught under qualified teacher.
  7. Reading: Oxford and ladybird reading program is followed.
  8. Pre mathematics: Number work, addition and subtraction etc.
  9. Pre-writing: Alphabets, phonic sounds, words etc.
  10. French: French taught under qualified teacher.
  11. Staff: Qualified and trained skilled teachers.
  12. Taekwondo: Taught under qualified teacher.
  13. Educational outings: Naturel Trail, Mamba village, Ngomongo, picnics, etc.
  14. Creative: Art & Craft, modeling, playdough etc.
  15. Montessori: Practical life exercises - Sensorial, Cultural, Mathematic and Language.
  16. Drama Development: LAMDA developing communication, confidence and social interaction.
  17. Lunch: A healthy balanced meal
  18. Daycare: Happy confident children with high self-esteem.
  19. Transport: Secure and enjoyable ride.
  20. Private tuition
  21. Holiday classes
  22. Afternoon Classes
  23. Music and Movement
  24. Organizing of birthday parties.....

Age: 1yr – 6 yrs Time: 7.00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


[Historical Background]
Formation, the Founder of the School, and the Year of its Inception.

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[Facilities Provided]
These include Computer Skills, Physical Education etc.

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[Extra Curriculum Activities]
Once in a Term Outings for the Children is Organized to Museum, Supermarket, Nature Trail etc.

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[School Timetables]
The Calendar of the Academic Year
2003-2004 is Available and Which You May Download from Here.
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  [School  Philosophy]
Shaping the Child in a Way that Assists the Natural Development of His Personality

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  [School  Image and Curriculum]
The Image of Our School is Developed by Our Staff Who Understand the Aim and Objectives of the School. 

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  [Montessori Education]
Parents Guide to Montessori. This includes Mathematic, Language, Cultural, Practical Life and Sensorial.

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