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School Image & Curriculum

Our Staff that understand the aims and objectives of the school. Regular monthly staff meetings are held to discuss various school issues and we listen and act upon good suggestion. We always make sure that all the children in our school have a happy experience to encourage the child to be willing to come back to school the next day.

Our aim in education in general is two fold, biological and social . From the biological side we wish to help the natural development of the individual from the social standpoint it is our aim to prepare the individual for the environment. Up to the age of six a Childs mind is absorbing all his experiences and what he/she is absorbing is laying the foundation for his later learning experience. Hence the quality of this requirement is of vital importance.

Our Curriculum allows a balanced approach to early education and does not over emphasize on any one aspect of growth at the cost of the Childs harmonious development and emotional equilibrium. Our aim is to bring out what is potentially within a child and to bring up a child to the highest possible intellectual, moral and cultural level.

We emphasize language skills.

• Listening
• Speaking
• Reading
• Writing

Whereby our children are taught the phonic letters, writing skills, numbers and early calculation skills. Other activities include Environmental projects, drama, art and craft, practical life experience, music and movement and finally Language development group work.

Our teaching books and materials promote positive images for all the children.


[Historical Background]
Formation, the Founder of the School, and the Year of its Inception.

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[Facilities Provided]
These include Computer Skills, Physical Education etc.

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[Extra Curriculum Activities]
Once in a Term Outings for the Children is Organized to Museum, Supermarket, Nature Trail etc.

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[School Timetables]
The Calendar of the Academic Year
2003-2004 is Available and Which You May Download from Here.
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  [School  Philosophy]
Shaping the Child in a Way that Assists the Natural Development of His Personality

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  [School  Image and Curriculum]
The Image of Our School is Developed by Our Staff Who Understands the Aim and Objectives of the School. 

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  [Montessori Education]
Parents Guide to Montessori. This includes Mathematic, Language, Cultural, Practical Life and Sensorial.

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